Zone Nights

Editor: Kique R.
A&R: Anne R.


Music Submission & Review

In order to better serve you, the artist, manager, publicist or record label rep, below is a step by step submission guideline that will help you understand exactly how to get your music to the editor of Zone Nights.

How should I send my music?

1. You must provide us with appropriate contact information including name, email address, location.
2. For music presentations, please include downloadable LINK (drop box, wetransfer, etc.) downloadable EPK LINK with professional or high definition photos. Citations and a detailed summary of the presentation are also welcome.
3. Provide link to mp3 on a shared site with FULL audio (Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp etc.) NOT SEND SPOTIFY LINK OR WILL BE DELETED.
4. For videos, provide link to Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo.
5. Provide a brief biography that allows the publisher to understand who he is as an artist (If you are PR, PROMOTOR OR MANAGER, give us the artist’s complete information).
6. Keep the feedback and share what we upload as it helps us reach more public, the work is hard, we want it to have a meaning.

Please email your material to the above email address.

Please note that it may take us a long time to get in touch as we receive a lot of daily mailings, keep calm.

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