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Popkiss, TBTCI meets Sarah Recs [Compilation]

Nuestros amigos de The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records han dado luz verde a un nuevo compilado.

Popkiss, TBTCI meets Sarah Recs, es el nombre elegido para este lanzamiento, el cual, ya está disponible para su descarga en digital vía bandcamp del label.

21 pistas, son las que conforman, Popkiss, TBTCI meets Sarah Recs y sin dudas, es una buena opción para sumar a tus favoritos.

Escuchá acá, como presentación exclusiva de Zone Nights para Argentina, Popkiss, TBTCI meets Sarah Recs.


Popkiss, TBTCI meets Sarah Recs – Tracklist.

01.Electric Lo-Fi Seresta – Emma´s House (The Field Mice)
02.The Blue Dress – Anorak City (Another Sunny Day)
03.Astragal – Into The Ether (Secret Shine)
04.Corrections – Bring On The Loser (East River Pipe)
05.Soft Science – Paris (Nothern Picture Library)
06.Voluptuous Panic – If I Could Shine (The Sweetest Ache)
07.Vamping – Shallow (Heavenly)
08.Vida Eterna – Cut (14 Iced Bears)
09.Waving Blue – If You Need Someone (The Field Mice)
10.A Certain Smile – All Of A Tremble (St. Christopher)
11.The Northeastern Railroads – Make A Deal With The City (East River Pipe)
12.Echodrone – Last September’s Farewell Kiss (Northern Picture Library)
13.Dopedrone – Breathe (Eternal)
14.Pure Morning – Sensitive (The Field Mice)
15.Battery Point – You Should Be All Murdered (Another Sunny Day)
16.videodays – These Things Happen (Action Painting!)
17.Tall Ice Lung – In Gunnersbury Park (The Hit Parade)
18.Seatemples – Quicksilver (The Field Mice)
19.Glass Arcades – Snowfall Sorrow (Secret Shine)
20.Claudio Cataldi – I’m In Love With A Girl Who Doesn’t Know I Exist (Another Sunny Day)
21.At Night – So Said Kay (The Field Mice)

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